Different Types Of Refractometers

A refractometer is a device used to measure the sugar content in a solution. It works by passing a light beam through the sample, which then passes through a prism and is bent by the air-water interface. The amount of bending depends on the sugar concentration, which can be calculated by comparing it to a reference chart.

Refractometers are commonly used in winemaking, brewing and dairy industries. They are also used in clinical laboratories for blood glucose monitoring and as an aid to patient education. If you are looking for the best refractometers, a refraktometer fra K-patents will most certainly fit your needs.

Salinity Refractometer

Salinity Refractometer is used to measure the salinity of water. It works on the principle of light refraction and can be used in different types of liquids like seawater, brines, chemicals, and others. The instrument has a high accuracy level (1ppt) and can be used for both fresh and saltwater.


High Accuracy Level – The salinity refractometer features a high accuracy level that allows you to get accurate readings without any hassle.

Easy To Use – The Salinity Refractometer is easy to use as all you need to do is put a drop of sample on its prism and take measurements with your eyesight or with help from magnifying lens attached with it.

Sturdy Build – The instrument comes with a sturdy build that makes it durable enough for long-term use.

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