How to Keep Your Dog Safe with a Virtual Dog Fence

A virtual dog fence is a wireless, GPS-enabled collar that keeps your dog on the right side of your property. It works with your mobile device to create a safe zone for your pet and consists of three parts: the transmitter, the receiver and an app.

The transmitter is a small unit that attaches to the collar. It emits a signal that receivers pick up and use to determine where they are in relation to the transmitter. The receiver is typically a collar worn by your dog, but can also be attached to an existing collar or harness.

The app displays the location of both transmitter and receiver on a map and lets you set up zones that you want your dog to avoid (e.g., backyard, pool). When your pet reaches one of these zones, he’ll get an audible warning via his collar before corrective stimulation is needed — if he ignores that warning, then the stimulation starts automatically.

Is SpotOn Virtual Fence Worth It?

The SpotOn system is a great option for anyone who wants to keep their dog safe while they’re outside. The collar and transmitter are lightweight and easy to use, so your dog won’t even know he has them on. You can also set up multiple zones in the app to create customized boundaries for your pet.

SpotOn virtual fence is one of the best dog containment systems on the market, and it’s definitely worth investing in. If your dog is a runner or escape artist, then SpotOn is an important safety tool for keeping him safe. The SpotOn system is easy to use, and it has a great range.


SpotOn is one of the best dog containment systems on the market. It’s easy to install, and it has a long range so you can use it anywhere in your yard. The collar is lightweight and comfortable for dogs, and there are multiple settings to customize the system for your pet.

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